Sophia Saly School – Cambodia

Sophia Saly School

Despite the best laid plans, not everything always works out the way we expect. And it’s almost always for the best.

We have spent close to a year mapping out this trip – talking to the many charity groups we are meeting up with to lock in dates, activities etc – and were always planning on starting the journey in Vietnam. As it turned out, we had to delay our departure by a few weeks due to circumstances beyond our control. We were then introduced to a young guy from Melbourne named Koky Saly – this is when everything changed. Koky runs an organisation called Baby Tree Projects which builds schools in rural Cambodia – his native country – and we learned that he was starting a new project in January…  In southern Cambodia…. On a beach…

Koky’s story is a remarkable one, and after meeting face to face we were sold. Nothing we’ve organised to date has felt as right as this does. So, we changed our flights to fly to Phnom Penh instead of Saigon, and will spend the first couple of months helping Koky to achieve his dream of completing the Sophia Saly School in  memory of his sister.

I cannot tell you how excited we are to be able to take part in this project, and I encourage everyone to read Koky’s heartwarming and inspirational story here. If you’d like to go one better and donate to help Louis and I raise our $4000 target to contribute to the school building project, please send us an email or Facebook message, or you can donate directly to Baby Tree Projects here. Every dollar counts and no donation is too small.

We really can’t wait to keep you all updated with the progress of the school and to share some stories throughout our time in Cambodia – stay tuned!

Be kind and Smile!


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