Thank You to the BTP Team

The words to begin this post with have been eluding me for days now, so rather than put it off any longer I’m just going to type and hit “post” immediately as I’m sure there are no words within my very limited vocabulary that will ever do you wonderful people justice.   For me – […]
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Our final two weeks in Cambodia

Almost 2 months to the day, and we are now on a rickety old long boat slowly cruising along the mighty Mekong River – the lifeblood of this region – towards our next destination, Chau Doc, Vietnam. We have the boat entirely to ourselves, and watching life float by has provided a welcome rest and […]
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What’s for dinner? Rice and vegetables…. Again….

$3 a day. It’s a wage which seems incomprehensible in Australia, and this week – with the volunteer numbers diminishing to just 6 – it got very real, very quickly. There’s not a lot you can do with $3 a day, particularly when $1 is deducted for rent before it even reaches our hands. What […]
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Four Weeks In…

3kms to go. My legs burn with every rotation of the bike pedals. Time is slowing with each passing metre as I will myself to push on. 2kms to go. I approach the hill that takes me past the village temple, signalling the half way point of the last bike ride for the day. Sweat […]
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A Day In The Life

What I haven’t mentioned here are the countless laughs, hugs and smiles interspersed between each of these activities and these are – in my view – the most important reasons we are here.

My First Workshop – Friendship Bracelets

There is no sound which warms your heart more than a child laughing uncontrollably. This is a sound that we are blessed enough to listen to every single day both on site and in the village. I’m unsure whether it’s because we have been stripped of all the creature comforts we are used to in life, or whether it’s just me gaining perspective on things, but when I hear that sound it reminds me to stop and appreciate the small things of beauty which are all around us everyday

Koky Temple – A profoundly touching day

Today was a very special day. By far the most profound and moving experience I’ve had so far on this trip, and probably will have for a long time. We spent the morning visiting the first school built by Baby Tree Projects, playing volleyball with the students and being shown around the small grounds where […]
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Louis’ first impressions and reflections

After spending a night in Singapore, we are on our final leg to reach Cambodia. At this stage my body and mind is in overload, and firing on all cylinders. A year of planning this once in a life time trip is finally here, and all that’s left is a hour and a half flight. […]
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Dwarf Mountain – Gorillas in the mist

Yesterday we decided we would go to work an hour later than usual and attempt a ‘trek’ up Dwarf Mountain, so Koky arranged for a couple of local guides to accompany us and off we went. Now, generally when I hear the words ‘mountain trek’ it conjures up images of a well worn path and some stone steps to carry me to the summit. Not today….

Our first 3 days on site

3 days ago we arrived at Cambodia’s secret beach to assist Baby Tree Projects in building the Sophia Saly School and we wrote about our first impressions of the village and the project. I’m happy to say that every single element of this past 3 days has exceeded our wildest dreams by so much that […]
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